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The Sierra Creative Interpreter



Throughout the documentation, the term SCI will be used to describe the original Sierra Creative Interpreter, in any version. SCI0 will refer to all games using the SCI version 0.xxx, except for those games who use the 'in-between' game engine referred to as SCI01 (such as Quest for Glory 2). SCI1 will refer to the interpreter version 1.xxx. FreeSCI will refer specifically to either implementation details of the FreeSCI engine or to extensions of the original SCI engine specific to FreeSCI.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the FreeSCI and SCI Decoding Projects and their supporters, as well as Carl Muckenhoupt, who took the first steps of SCI decoding, for their valuable help and support.

Please note that some of the text contributions have been cut, reformatted or slightly modified in an attempt to improve the general quality of this document.

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