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SCI Tools

Here is a collection of SCI tools and utilities that can be used to view and extract game resources, or even create your own SCI game. For older tools, see this page. Also, see the AGI/SCI Tools and Utilities Links on the Sierra Help Pages. Many of these tools are mirrored on the tools page of SCI Programming.com. For the tools that have active home pages, be sure to check for the latest version, first.

SCI Companion

Complete editor for EGA SCI games. Inspired by SCIStudio. You can edit pics, views, script source code, text resources, cursors, fonts, the main vocab file, even create new games.

Download from the SCI Companion homepage or download from The Sierra Help Pages:

SCI Studio 3.0

Brian Provinciano's original tool for creating EGA SCI games. Home page no longer exists.

SCI Studio Tools:

SCI Studio Demo Games:

SCI Studio 4 (VGA)

Brian Provinciano's unfinished work to add support for the SCI VGA games.

SCI Graphic Studio 150

Brian Provinciano's earlier tools for viewing and extracting graphics from SCI games.


Soundbox is a standalone application for editing SCI0 sound resources. It can convert format 0 and format 1 MIDI files and allows managing resource specific features like sound cues.

Download from the Soundbox homepage or download from The Sierra Help Pages:

Anvil Studio

Anvil Studio ™ is a free Windows Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / 98 program designed to record, compose, sequence and play music with your MIDI and Audio equipment. Can be used to create music for your SCI game.

Download from the Anvil Studio homepage or download from The Sierra Help Pages:

New SCI Tools

Endroz's SCI Tools

Enrico Rolfi (Endroz) has created a number of SCI tools for his Gabriel Knight 2000 project.

Download from Endroz's Gabriel Knight 2000 site or download from The Sierra Help Pages:

VAG's SCI Tools

SCI Tools by VAG.

Download from VAG's SCI Page or download from The Sierra Help Pages:


SCI Decoder

SCI Decoder and SCI Decoder VGA v1.0, by Carl Muckenhoupt. Displays the text and picture data of Sierra On-Line games written with SCI. Home page no longer exists.

SCI Resource Viewer

A program to display resources in Sierra's games in a viewable form instead of just a plain hex dump. This tool will open and view the SCI game resources, images, sounds, sprites, etc. Home page no longer exists.

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