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Chapter 8 - Ordering the Additional Cursors

This chapter deals with outlining the additional cursors that we will need. In addition to the Basic Action Cursors that we covered in the Inventory section of this tutorial. We now need to address the additional cursors that we need in the regular rooms.

Basic Action Cursors

Load Cursor

Walk Cursor

So again relatively straight forward. The cursors that we are going to need, and the number to save the resource as.

  • Load Cursor - save as 997
  • Walk Cursor - save as 999

That pretty much sums up the additional basic actions for the general rooms. I changed the loading cursor solely because the default one is a hand and I didn't want there to be any kind of confusion by someone playing the game.

Walk Cursor
  Look Cursor
  Load Cursor
  Talk Cursor
  Hand Cursor

And that is it, all of the cursors that we are going to need for the point and click game. So assuming that you have done the point and click inventory first, your basic action cursors should now lay out like this. If you skipped it, then you may want to at least check out the the first bit about Ordering the Cursors.

  • Walk Cursor - save as 999
  • Look Cursor - save as 998
  • Load Cursor - save as 997
  • Talk Cursor - save as 996
  • Hand Cursor - save as 995

If you plan to have any additional basic actions, like cast magic, sneak, or make command decision (like in space quest 5) then you would simply need to keep counting down from there and remember, inventory items count up from 1. So unless you either have a very large number of items or actions, never the two should meet.

That sums up the creation of point and click cursors.

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