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The Sierra Creative Interpreter

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SCI1 Extensions

SCI1, which is not covered by FreeSCI at the moment, introduces new concepts like Palettes, scaled bitmap images and several new compression algorithms. In SCI1.0, the resource limit was first increased to 16383 [1] , and then to 65535 in SCI1. Because of the inherent limitations of the FAT file system the primary target OS of Sierra's SCI interpreter was limited to, patch file names were altered accordingly, with the resource number (not padded) before the dot and a three-letter resource ID behind it; examples are "0.scr" or "100.v56".

The complete list of suffixes is as follows:

80: v56: 256 color views
81: p56: 256 color background pictures
82: scr: Scripts (static data)
83: tex: Texts (apparently deprecated in favor of messages)
84: snd: Sound data (MIDI music)
86[2] :voc: Vocabulary (not used)
87: fon: Fonts
88: cur: Mouse cursors (deprecated in favor of v56-based cursors)
89: pat: Audio patch files
8a: bit: Bitmap files (purpose unknown)
8b: pal: 256 color palette files
8c: cda: CD Audio resources
8d: aud: Audio resources (probably sound effects)
8e: syn: Sync (purpose unknown)
8f: msg: Message resources: Text plus metadata
90: map: Map (purpose unknown)
91: hep: Heap resources: Dynamic script data

Apparently, the script resource split introduced in SCI01 was incorporated into the actual resource layout in SCI1.


[1] This appears to be the limit- none of the SCI1.0 games I tested used resource numbers beyond 16383
[2] Type 0x85 resources are 'memory' resources, which are only used internally.

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