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The SCI0 View Resource

In SCI0, Views are collections of images or sprites. Each View resource contains a number of groups, which, in turn, contain one or more images. Usually, those groups contain a number of consecutive animation frames. It appears to be customary to store related animations or images in a single frame. For example, the basic movements of all protagonists (four or eight animation cycles (depending on the game)) are stored inside of a single View resource. Please note that the byte order of the following data is always little endian.

The View Resource

0x00 - 0x01

The number of image groups available.

0x02 - 0x03

A bitmask containing the 'mirrored' flag for each of the groups, with the LSB containing the 'mirrored' flag for group 0.

0x04 - 0x07

- unknown -


A list of indices pointing to the start of the cell list for each image group. The number of entries is equal to the number of cells as described in 0x00 - 0x01.

Cell List

0x00 - 0x01

The number of image cells available for this group.

0x02 - 0x03

- unknown -


A list of 16 bit pointers indexing the start of the image cell structure for each image cell. The pointers are relative to the beginning of the resource data.

Image Cell

0x00 - 0x01

The horizontal (X) size of the image.

0x02 - 0x03

The vertical (Y) size of the image.


The x placement modifier. This signed value determines the number of pixels a view cell is moved to the right before it is drawn.


The y placement modifier. This signed value determines the number of pixels a view cell is moved downwards before it is drawn.


The color key, i.e. the color number used for transparency in this cell.


A list of combined color/repeat count entries. Each byte contains a color entry (low nibble) and a repeat count (high nibble). If the color is equal to the color key from index 0x06, then no drawing should be performed, although [repeat] pixels still need to be skipped. It is not known whether this list is terminated; the FreeSCI drawing algorithm stops drawing as soon as the rectangle defined in the first two cell entries has been filled.

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